Review: ‘Outcast – A Wrath Unseen’ A Series Building Moment

What little step back ‘Outcast’ took with episode three, ‘A Wrath Unseen’ takes a giant leap forward to progress the series.

The intrigue in Rome intensifies as Anderson discovers shocking information about someone close to him. Megan conceals a secret. – ‘Outcast’ A Wrath Unseen

The cat and mouse game between the demons and Reverend Anderson blindsides the man of the church. This episode provides back story on Megan and Kyle’s relationship and also establishes how messed up the town of Rome is. Chief Giles reminds us that animals have a better sense of who the demons are then the humans. Mark Holter did what any man would do to protect his family but at what cost.

Grace Zabriskie had the performance of the week as Mildred. She pulled all the right strings to pit the Reverend against his faith. Wrenn Schmidt also shined this episode as all the terrible memories of the past resurfaced in Donnie Hamel. Megan is forced in several directions as she tries to protect her family and Kyle.

Brent Spiner introduces his character Sidney to the Reverend and Kyle. To say this has been a slow burn to the evolution of Sidney would be a massive understatement. To keep the audience interested there needs to be more of a reveal of Sidney’s intentions.

Reg E. Cathey brings a charisma to Chief Giles, and the development of the unsolved case in the woods has progressed well. The back and forth between Giles and Ogden is interesting and gets your mind thinking about the mystery and who or what is involved. Charmin Lee, Rose Giles knows how to state the obvious about Rome, Georgia.

Director Julius Ramsay does an excellent job setting up the episode and then tying it all together in the final scene. ‘A Wrath Unseen’ had a Twilight Zone feel that builds a tremendous amount of angst leading into episode five.

Now that ‘Game of Thrones’ has ended, ‘Outcast’ could be the top show to watch this summer.

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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