Change is on the horizon and this issue is the great set up for it.

‘Optimus Prime’ #7 Deals With Aftermath

With the Junkion invasion resolved peacefully, Optimus Prime takes a moment to plan the Autobots’ next move on Earth.


In the wake of an multi-issue storyline, it’s important to utilize a cool down issue. What’s a cool down issue you may be asking yourself? A cool down issue is when there isn’t much actions but instead there is a lot of drama as characters deal with recent events. Considering the last few issues had a global invasion, this is the perfect type of story to have here.

The issue shows how tension is high and a lot will be happening in the future. It’s nice to see Optimus Prime talking with the president of the United States in a calm and civil manner. There is a great chemistry as the two talk and comparing their pasts. Frankly, there has been too much of him having to act as a warrior instead a diplomat working towards peace. The entire purpose of this new series should be focusing more on Optimus and his new role with trying to keep the peace between the worlds and having actual meetings with leaders. It hasn’t happened in a few issues so it’s good to see them come back to this ideal. John Barber, the writer for the series, seems to have a plan and is preparing for what’s to come in the next arc.

Optimus Prime


The artwork by Priscilla Tramontano is perfect in this issue. She has a very crisp style compared to previous issues which seems to help increase the relatively calm atmosphere which is taking place. This is the style of story she is ideal to work on. Though, not the ideal candidate for an action heavy issue, when the book calls for emotion and style, look Tramontano is the perfect article to call upon.


This is a good issue but the tease for the next one looks to top it. Jazz is set to address the world in a live interview and answer questions regarding how his actions resulted in the death of a cop. It could be very emotional comic and set how humans will view Transformers for years to come. Good luck Jazz, you’ll need it.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Change is on the horizon and this issue is the great set up for it. 'Optimus Prime' #7 Deals With Aftermath