No ‘Attack On Titan’ For 2016?!

Despite the rumors the show would return for its second season this year, new developments have made it appear as if fans will have no choice but to wait for more Attack on Titan anime. According to sources, the original creator Hajime Isayama wants to make sure the original manga is four full story arcs ahead before the new anime starts airing. His intention is to make absolutely sure the anime doesn’t catch up to the manga and create some type of filler episodes which could result in negative feedback from the fans. This situations seems like a double edged sword as fans will react to this news of a delay in a similar negative fashion.

Though the creator is looking at the importance of using the story arcs as a staple for how much anime should be made, it may be more important to look at the number of chapters involved instead. The first season of the anime adapted 34 chapters of manga and the 80th chapter will be released in the coming weeks. There is plenty of material for a studio to adapt into an anime. As a matter of fact, adapting another 34 chapters would put the series at chapter 68 which is at the tail end of one of the arcs. Perfect place to wrap up a season and allow for a third season which will give fans the proper ending they deserve.

Though this news may be depressing for fans of the series, keep in mind it’s only March. There is still plenty of time in the year for a studio to make a decision to go ahead and get the show up and running sometime for 2016. Who knows? The Attack on Titan season 2 may just be the best show of the Fall 2016 anime season. For now fans will have no choice but to rewatch the first season on Crunchyroll.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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