New ‘Logan’ Image Released On Instagram

A new promo image for the upcoming third Wolverine movie, Logan, has been released on Instagram. You can see the post from the official Logan Instagram account below.


A photo posted by @wponx on

Like a lot of the previously released images, the picture is in black and white. With its ‘R’ rating and very moody and atmospheric promotion, it is clear the film will be much darker than anything seen in an X-Men movie thus far. The surgical tools make me think that perhaps everyone’s favorite X-Man might need to be patching himself up, as his famed healing factor is waning in his old age.

Logan takes place in 2024, where mutant births are much more scarce and the X-Men are no longer around.  The only X-Men left alive are an old Charles Xavier and a weary Logan.

Logan stars Hugh Jackman (X-Men: Days of Future Past) as Logan/Wolverine and Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation) as Charles Xavier/Professor X, Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl), Richard E. Grant (Game of Thrones), Stephen Merchant (Hello Ladies/Extras), Eriq La Salle (ER), Elise Neal (Scream 2), and Elizabeth Rodriguez (Orange is the New Black).
The film is being directed by James Mangold (The Wolverine/Walk the Line), based on a script by Michael Green (American Gods) and David James Kelly (Mind Mgmt).

It’s set for release on March 3, 2017, from 20th Century Fox.


Manuel Gomez
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