‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 49 Review: “One For All”

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The latest episode of MY HERO ACADEMIA is both the origin story and the final chapter for All Might.


MY HERO ACADEMIA picks up from last week, in the middle of the climactic super-fight. All Might faces off against the villainous All For One, and he doesn’t do great. Throughout the fight, All Might loses more and more of his inherited quirk. All Might is also confronted with the reality that the villain Tomura Shigaraki is the grandson of Nana Shimura, his mentor. Despite his ever-weakening body, All Might conquers One For All, putting the villain away… for now.

“One For All” embodies what the series is all about – the importance of hope. Toshinori (All Might) has to go through the same struggle to succeed despite losing steam that Midoriya has. All Might continues to fight, even as his body is decimated. At the fight’s darkest hour, the world rallies around All Might, including Midoriya, Endeavor, and civilians. It’s through that courage that All Might is able to attack with the all-powerful and incredibly-named “United States of Smash.”

My Hero Academia

While it’s an incredible win for the heroes, it comes with huge consequences. Technically, this episode was also the death of All Might. While Toshinori succeeds in putting away All For One, it’s clear that he uses all of his strength. That loss is what makes his message to Midoriya so important. Toshinori can no longer hold onto the remains of One For All, now that he has passed the Quirk onto Midoriya. All Might may have won the fight, but if One For All ever escapes (and he most certainly will), All Might cannot help.

This episode bookends both sides of the legendary saga of All Might. “One For All” shows us All Might’s origin, without distracting from the fight. We learn as much about Shimura as we need to feel All Might’s anguish and drive to honor her legacy. Toshinori uses All Might to avenge his mentor, while passing along a warning to his mentee. All Might may be gone, but as evidenced by the cheering crowd, he will never be forgotten.

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