AMAZING FANTASY #1000 delivers amazing art and spectacular writing, it is a must-read.

My Favorite Story From AMAZING FANTASY #1000

AMAZING FANTASY #1000 from Marvel Comics hits your local comic book shop today, and the oversized comic is jammed-packed with creative talent from all over the comic book industry spectrum. The story that tops them all is the one by Neil Gaimen, artist Steve McNiven, colorist Richard Isanove, and letterer Todd Klien.

What makes the Gaimen story so powerful is the infinite joy that Spider-Man brings to a child, but also the deep sadness that Peter Parker struggles with. The story and the art reminded me of Shel Silverstein’s THE GIVING TREE. A children’s book that throws a massive emotional punch. Gaiman’s autobiographical storytelling connects with the reader and makes you empathetic, each page has weight and loneliness, and you leave the story contemplating your own life.

Here were my quick thoughts this morning:

Honorable mention to the Jonathan Hickman story. I laughed out loud, my wife thought I was weird.

About the issue:
The comic that brought you SPIDER-MAN hits issue #1000! We’re going big to celebrate in this, our thousandth issue of AMAZING FANTASY! An ALL-STAR roster of creators are coming together to celebrate Peter Parker and Spider-Man’s birthdays!

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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AMAZING FANTASY #1000 delivers amazing art and spectacular writing, it is a must-read. My Favorite Story From AMAZING FANTASY #1000