Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Is DLC Done Right

A part of modern gaming includes downloadable content (DLC) and Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) just released on big, bad addition called Morrowind. Of course, not all DLC is the same. Gamers have complained of companies selling half a game only to DLC players to death. While another DLC is lauded as an addition to the game that elevated the original to new heights. Where does Morrowind fall?

Morrowind isn’t easy on the wallet, but for the price,
there is an enormous amount of content.

The easiest answer to this question complicates the discussion even more. Bethesda, publishers of the ESO, doesn’t call Morrowind a DLC but a “chapter.” Old school gamers might remember the days before DLCs when the best of the best games released “expansions.” Morrowind is an expansive addition to an already massive game. In modern terms, it’s a DLC, and it’s the kind of DLC that’s done right.

Most DLC add one particular significant aspect to the game; a new class, zone, or game mode. Morrowind does all three, plus a little more. And while the initial look at the price tag might turn your face into an emoji, always remember to weigh cost versus content.

If you only look at Morrowind as a $40 DLC, it’ll put a little fear into your wallet. However, this new chapter adds, at a minimum, 30 hours of story content in the form of new quests. Those quests take place around a new zone that’s bigger than any previous area before it. Exploring areas in Elder Scrolls is a few hours worth of gameplay in itself.

Morrowind doesn’t leave the PvP crowd out of the mix.

A new game mode called Battlegrounds creates fast-paced, FPS-style matches. Smaller, focused maps allow for three teams of four to wage war in Deathmatch and Capture the Flag games.

To explore this new zone and fight in the new game mode Morrowind introduces a new class: the Warden. As with the other classes of ESO, the Warden can play a variety of roles in a party. It all depends on how you build it and equip the character. But the class brings some fresh mechanics and effects to unleash fantasy chaos.

Layered into this DLC is the new sugar of the 21st century: nostalgia. Morrowind was the third solo Elder Scrolls game and one of the most loved. Morrowind for Elder Scrolls Online is a faithful recreation of that game with a twist. The lands in the original game are covered in ash after the Red Mountain erupted. Here, it’s centuries prior, and the mountain still sleeps. All the familiar places of the third game are there, but different.

Bad DLC will cost a lot and give little. Morrowind isn’t easy on the wallet, but for the price, there is an enormous amount of content. As with the rest of the acclaimed MMO, the quality of the product is also top-notch including the spot-on voice acting and lush graphics that’s a staple of the game.

Morrowind officially releases for PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox on June 6th. Fans of the series and the MMO should not hesitate. And for new players, there’s no better time to transport yourself to the world of Nirn and begin looting and leveling until your heart’s content.

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