Monster Girls Episode 3 – Too Censored?

More Monster Girls this week, and like every week I was stuck between getting sexually bothered and laughing over something I know is completely stupid. And I can’t really ask for more than that. Thankfully the show is trying its best to keep its loose premise fresh, and I think it takes a good amount of investment to find the nuggets of gold in this show. But they are there, even if it’s all just in my head, they’re there.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in Monster Girls land. With this being the third episode I’m starting to pick up on some things that, aren’t quite ruining the show, but would improve it if they were changed. The first being the MC’s eyes and how for ninety percent of the show they have just been black outlines and white empty space. I’ve seen this in a similar show, so this brings me to believe this is some Japanese joke or something, but I really don’t like it. Especially when they use those eyes for every emotion. Just freaking draw his eyes like a normal persons! He has nice eyes, why can’t they always be drawn like that?

Fucking Eyes


The other is the toned down scenes that are becoming over apparent. Now granted I notice this probably more than others because I have read its manga counterpart. But this show is way more toned down than it should be, and I’m not just saying that because there are nipples in the manga and not the show. But by the tone and content of the show, there should be nipples. This show should be trying to get away with as much obscene nudity as possible. And if they aren’t going to show any nipples they have to change some of the scenes where the shot pans away because they have no other way to show whats going on. I feel that happened three of four times this episode. When I’m watching a sexy show like this I don’t want the camera to pan away when sexy stuff is going down. Its one thing to cock block a character from seeing something, but to cock block the viewer just seems dumb especially in a show like this. It’s just so blatantly obvious that they want to put nudity in but, whoever they are, wouldn’t let them. I mean they’re not even human nipples, they’re Monster Girls, there’s gotta be a loop-hole in there somewhere.

Toned Down Moster Girls

Okay, whew, now that I got that over with I can talk about the episode. This week finally get to see the living situation with two new girls, and boy is it chaotic. Miia and Cerea are just constantly at each others throats. Miia on the one hand being over forward about how she wants to be alone with Kimihito. And Cerea, who is fronting her love and making it seem like she is only looking out for him. It’s nice to see these characters be consistent. Meanwhile Papi takes advantage of the situation and gets alone with him, but of course that doesn’t last for long. Now that we’ve entered the Harem realm, I see most of these jokes following a formula. That formula being, if Kimihito is with any one of the girls and things are getting sexy, right when it’s about to get good another girl will burst in and spoil the fun. I’m not saying this sort of style can’t be funny, I’m just saying its predictable. But seeing that these are Monster Girls, they tend to get more catty than more normal girls would in a harem. This adds situations where pain is usually inflicted on the MC, or something in his house being ruined.

We do get some development for the trough line of the show. Ms. Smith drops by and tell Kimihito that he’s been elected to try out the new law that allows interspecies marriage. So now he has to choose between Cerea, Miia, and Papi. But he doesn’t seemed too thrilled about it and sort of is overwhelmed by the thought of it. This wavering indecisiveness causes all the girls to take action and become insanely forward. It gets to the point that all three of them might as well be spreading their pussy lips open for him.

Horny Monster Girls

Although it’s not entirely them being forward. Some of it can be attributed to the full moon that is out and is enhancing their natural instincts. Not only does the moon make them super horny but they disregard holding back their strength. So even if Kimihito would get down with one of them, odds are he would survive it. “Death by snu-snu” as they say in Futurama. So Kimihito is basically dodging their crazy advances all night. The next morning he realizes that part of the reason that they were being so forward was because of his indecisiveness. So he decides to make it clear that he will date each one of them and then choose who his wife will become. Honestly I don’t think anyone watching the show is being fooled by this. He may have sounded cool in that situation but I’m sure he’ll flake around the situation for a long time.

Marry a Monster Girl

So now the race is on to see who will be the most suitable wife candidate for Kimihito. Of course each girl will have their own idea at what that means, so we should get a good variety of what each race think befits a good wife. Also we still have three more harem members to be introduced yet. Monster Girls sure hasn’t blown its load of stuff it has to offer too soon. And I think that’s the secret to its success. The show needs to stay fresh and keep the formula from feeling like a formula as much as possible. If they can keep that up, the show will continue to be good. If not, It’ll just turn into something to jerk too. And if that happens, you could just refer to the one-shot Monster Girl manga’s. Because those are basically just sex with each type of monster girl.

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