Miley Cyrus To Host MTV Video Music Awards

Controversial pop star Miley Cyrus revealed via social media today that she will be hosting this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. She revealed this was a decision made by MTV who have refused to let her perform at this year’s event.

It isn’t a stretch to see why MTV would come to such a decision considering the stunts the young star has pulled the last two events. She controversially crashed Robin Thicke’s performance of “Blurred Lines” by twerking at the 2013 event and sent a homeless man to receive her award at last years event in a bid to bring awareness to homelessness.

Here’s to another sure to be headline making turn for the star as she hosts the event for the first time. What stunts do you think she is going to pull this time? leave your thoughts below!

Majeed Sayibu
Majeed Sayibu
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