Michelle MacLaren Will Direct Chris Pratt in COWBOY NINJA VIKING

Cowboy Ninja Viking is a potential comic book adaptation that’s been floating around Hollywood for years. Now, it’s landed a director in Michelle MacLaren, and a star in Chris Pratt.

For those unfamiliar with Cowboy Ninja Viking, allow Wikipedia to explain it for you:

The series revolves around a counter-intelligence unit of Multiple Personality Disorder patients, formed by psychotherapist Dr. Sebastian Ghislain, who are transformed into agents known as Triplets (referring to the three different personalities inside their minds). It is hinted that this is possible through experimental psychiatric conditioning and treatment, psychotropic drugs, and past life regression therapy. After the unit falls apart, its various members are turned into hired killers. Duncan, a Triplet who channels the skills of a Cowboy, Ninja, and Viking, is sent to find and stop the rogue Triplets.

Michelle MacLaren, who has directed episodes of The X-Fles, Breaking Bad, and The Deuce, was originally slated to direct Wonder Woman before leaving due to creative differences. She will be working from a screenplay by Craig Mazin, whose credits include The Hangover II and III and The Hunstman: Winter’s War. So…uh… there’s that.

As for Chris Pratt playing the titular Cowboy Ninja Viking, that’s a bit of a shrug. Is there nobody else available in Hollywood to step in and lead a franchise film?

Anyway, Cowboy Ninja Viking will be here June 28, 2019. You gonna check it out or nah?

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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