Mawth Valliis genuinely looks like it came from Mars, complete with language, machines designs, and a conflict that seems to defy sense.

MAWRTH VALLIIS: Building An Alien World’s Essentials

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Mawrth Valliis is a unique piece from Image Comics coming to comic stores on July 21. This fast-paced kickstarted narrative by cartoonist EPHK looks like it authentically comes from Mars.

What’s Mawrth Valliis Mean?

Mawrth Valliis makes a dynamic first impression. Aside from specially designed Martian airships, there’s a strong sense of urgency to their encounters. Even without showing the character’s faces or understanding their words, the body language, emotive imagery, and sound effects hold weight. It gives readers a strong reason to invest in the story to reread and look for background details. Like a sign that says pilots/soldiers have to keep their masks on.

Mawrth Valliis worldbuilding

With this investment, readers get a better inclination towards understanding the scenario of Mawrth Valliis. Because the plot can be a little confusing on the first read with how surreal the Martian environments become. But once the protagonist’s face is revealed, there comes a strong sense of empathy to try and understand everything with her. If they want to, maybe they can decipher the patterns and language of Mars. That way, they can fully understand the schematics of the airships and other equipment. At the very least, the reader will come to appreciate the time and effort to create an environment that feels truly alien.What it al

Give It A Try!

In a straightforward plot, Mawrth Valliis presents an authentic alien world. Amid the intense action movie pace, there are environments and equipment that feel out of reach at first. But with enough time, effort, and understanding, the reader will find a world and character to hook onto.

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