Marvel Teases ‘Secret Empire’ Series With Political Slant

In a timely move, Marvel announced the return of the politically villainous Secret Empire, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The comic publisher released a teaser image for the series, which features no information beyond the name of the series and Captain America’s shield. The image included the tagline “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”–a quote appropriately borrowed from President Abraham Lincoln concerning the American Civil War. “Secret Empire” follows on the heels of Civil War II, a line-wide event that tore the Marvel Universe apart.

Secret Empire And Tricky Dick

Secret Empire has popped up in Cap comics before, most notably in Steve Englehart’s 1973 run on Captain America And the Falcon. Without showing his face or explicitly naming him, “Number One” turned out to be the POTUS. 1973 was the heart of the Watergate scandal that eventually lead to President Nixon’s resignation. Even beyond Nixon’s resignation in ’74, political events continued to show up in Englehart’s writing.

Nick Spencer, currently writing both Captain America titles, has similarly included politics in his writing. This combination, while logical, has drawn plenty of criticism from fans and detractors alike. Considering the Presidential Inauguration is only days away, it’s likely Spencer will use Secret Empire’s pedigree to comment on current events.

Captain America Hydra Secret EmpireSpencer is still in hot water with many Marvel fans for introducing Hydra-Cap last year. While the story line has taken a few twists and turns since its inception, fans are still divided. However, it does present a unique opportunity. Secret Empire’s leader is more a figurehead than a person himself (think Dread Pirate Roberts a la Princess Bride). Perhaps this time around Rogers is the real Number One.

Secret Empire will release later in 2017.

Jen Schiller
Jen Schiller
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