Movie Show: Marvel Comics’ Mike Perkins On The State Of The Comic Book Industry

Matthew Sardo of Monkeys Fighting Robots has an in-depth conversation with New York Times bestselling artist Mike Perkins of Marvel Comics. The two discuss the state of the comic book industry, the convention scene, diversity in the industry, and Free Comic Book Day.

Mike will be at Heroes Haven Comics in Tampa for 10am – noon this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day.

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About Mike Perkins:
Mike Perkins believes that he first picked up a comic at the age of two – swiftly followed by a pencil and a piece of paper. There are vivid memories of illustrating a striking full-figure resemblance of the Lone Ranger in nursery class – which must place him at, about, four years old.

Jump ahead eight years and the young Mike Perkins is making his own anthology comics (FutureTense, Warp 10), photocopying them and selling them at school during lunchtime – with a cunningly attached fun-size Mars bar offered as further incentive to the hungry hordes.

Fast forward another three years and, having been nurtured on a steady diet of 2000AD, Captain Britain and Doctor Who monthly, Mike Perkins – now working a Saturday job in a local comic shop – is not only exposed to a wider world of comics but also to the professional side of the industry when attending comic markets around England.

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