Lucha Underground S2E2 Review: Broken Arms & Rey Mysterio

New Luchadors Enter The Temple, While Others Fight To Stay Alive!

Lucha Underground is having quite the amazing week as the cult wrestling promotion as been picked up for a third season! After the amazing announcement, the hit-show on the El Rey Network followed their premiere with another exciting entry. The second episode featured new luchadors fighting for a place in the temple and a lucha legend making his debut.

Below are the 5 best moments from the 2/4/16 edition of Lucha Underground:

1. Pentagon Jr Confronts Prince Puma
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-Since losing the heavyweight title during last year’s season finale, Prince Puma is a more focused adversary. The once peaceful champion has since turned on the light and showcased a new attitude. This new attitude was showcased during his interaction with the devious Pentagon Jr. Pentagon thanks Puma for helping take out champion Mil Murtes last week; Puma is having none of this from Pentagon. The two face off in a cheesy action movie style face-off after Pentagon tells Puma they will tag together against Muertes lackies known as “The Disciples of Death”.

2. Killshot Vs. Johnny Mundo
-The two incredibly gifted athletes face off this week in the first match of the evening. Killshot, in the mask, & Mundo, in the fur, have similar high-flying styles so the two seemingly worked together wonderfully. Not often does the opening match of a TV show get the crowd so hyped but these two men managed to do so! With a big spot following another big spot, the competitors barely had time to catch their breath before they were doing another dangerous move. The highlight was Mundo’s reversal of Killshot’s attack allowing for Mundo to pick up the win this week! But his night was far from other after the match…

3.”The Machine” Cage Returns To Challenge Mundo!
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-After spending the promo trading insults & catchphrases, Brian Cage returned to The Temple to show Johnny Mundo he is really the most gifted athlete in the whole promotion. The self-proclaimed “Swolverine” Cage made his way down to the ring to give Mundo a piece of his mind but Mundo ran away the first chance he had. While Cage was distracted with the looming Mil Muertes, Johnny snuck back into the ring, trying to attack Cage. “The Machine” was having none of it and easily disposed of Mundo.

2. “Darewolf” PJ Black Debuts…Then Loses.
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-In his first match in Lucha Underground, PJ Black faced off the big bag man named Willie Mack! Formally known as Justin Gabriel to WWE fans, PJ Black debuted to the shock of the Lucha crowd. While he was allowed to shine during the match, it was Willie Mack who picked up the pin-fall. Will PJ Black be able to recover from this losing debut and will this be the start of a feud between the two men? Next week will hopefully answer these questions and be a better week for the “Darewolf”.

1. Pentagon Jr. Outshines Prince Puma!
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-Pentagon Jr. has slowly turned into one of the most beloved wrestlers in the entire company; much to the anger of Prince Puma. This was very evident during the main of event of this week’s episode. As Puma & Pentagon faced off against Mil Muertes’s ‘Disciples of Death’, Pentagon took every chance to show-off his power & popularity! The arm breaking masked man stole the pin from Prince Puma after constantly stealing spots from Puma. The two confronted each other after the match but the two were an even match. Very excited for the match up between these two luchadors!

         *Bonus*- Rey Mysterio Debuts In Lucha Underground!
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-In one of the best moves of his career, the former WWE superstar has finally found his way to Lucha Underground! His segement wasn’t enough to warrant a full spot but it’s worth noting as the future of The Temple has become a bit more mysterious.

Did you enjoy this week’s episode of Lucha Underground? This season is starting to build up to a wild climax and with all the new faces, who’s gonna be the Lucha Heavyweight Champion by the end of the season?

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