Review – ‘Lucas Stand’ #1 [Spoiler Free]

Creator of Sons of Anarchy Kurt Sutter is producing a new comic book series with BOOM! Studios. Lucas Stand follows an ex-military vet unable to return to society. Coupled with a crippling drug and alcohol addiction, Stand winds up into the service of Hell itself.

His mission is to restore the balance between Heaven and Hell, and to erase the sins of his own soul. Of course this is a mission with many obstacles, including an agent from Heaven looking to thwart Stand’s very efforts.

As a fan of SOA, I love seeing Kurt Sutter utilizing his talents in a new medium. One downside to working on television are limitations of budget and subject matter and BOOM! Studios is letting Sutter go full throttle on the story.

Stand is probably as far from a hero as you can be. And you still feel sorry for the guy for what he’s going through. He doesn’t want to be a bad guy, and he wishes he could be a better guy. But life seems to have it for Lucas.

Sutter’s portrayal of Lucas Stand shows many profound problems within our society, yet the message doesn’t feel gimmicky. Sutter also doesn’t use this element of the story to take away from the overall plot.

Of course there are a few bumps that came up in the issue. The second act of the story arrives out of left field and can throw the reader off if they are not paying attention. And if they do not stay to the end of the issue then they’re really in for a loop.

Furthermore we don’t get to see Stand’s relation to anyone close to him. Which I get, as Sutter wants to reinforce how Stand now keeps his friends and family away. But this might have helped in illuminating the tragic nature of Stand’s character.

Even with these issues, the story is fantastic and I am looking forward to the next installment next month.

Seth Frederiksen
Seth Frederiksen
A post-grad history buff who is addicted to comics and books, and lover of anything with the words "ice" and "cream" in it. I've been a huge Batman fan since I can remember, and have come to appreciate sequential art as literature and entertainment. Also I have a soft spot for dogs. Just saying.