Touching and allows the audience to see how much Steven has grown.
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Lion 4: Alternate Ending Is A Victory For ‘Steven Universe’

Lion coughs up a magical key and Steven goes on a quest to find what it unlocks.


This latest episode allows Steven Universe to find a new bit of information and finally leads him to get an answer about what his mom wanted for him. Unfortunately it also goes to show just how desperate the poor kid is in his search. He’s one second away from doing A Beautiful Mind style room with writing all over the place.

Episodes like this help to showcase Steven’s growth as a character. No longer doing foolish actions like creating a living mascot costume or obsessing over a cheeseburger backpack. Now he’s trying to his best to research any possible clue he can to know more about his mother and what she really intended. It feels like more like what should be helping this late in the game instead of following a minor character like Onion around (Yes, I will keep referencing Onion Friends because it was so unnecessary). The series needs to make sure to not fall into the temptation of doing episodes which don’t serve a purpose and are just silly in nature. From here on, ones which focus on character development, world exploration, or moving the plot of the war with homeworld forward. It is possible to have a silly episode and focus on one of these themes but it has to be very well written.

In the end, the, Steven learns his mother loved him and wanted him just to be himself. It’s little victories like this is all Steven can hope for sometimes. He’s a kid fighting in a war against an alien threat. Still, once the chest hidden in Lion’s mane is opened it better contain something worthwhile. If it turned out to be something like the tape in this episode, the fans will be very depressed.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Touching and allows the audience to see how much Steven has grown.Lion 4: Alternate Ending Is A Victory For 'Steven Universe'