‘Let The Right One In’ Coming To TNT From ‘Teen Wolf’ Creator

‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Criminal Minds’ Creator Jeff Davis Bringing Horror Classic To TNT!

How will this Swedish vampire tale translate to television? We will find out soon enough now that TNT has started to develop a pilot. ‘Let The Right One In‘ originally started off as a novel and then became a film. It was later remade for American audiences in 2010. It now gets another go with this TV adaption.

“‘Let the Right One In’ combines elements of horror, revenge thriller and adolescent romance into an unforgettable and truly unsettling tale,” said Sarah Aubrey, TNT’s executive vice president of original programming. “This novel is a watershed of rich storytelling, making it an abundant source from which Jeff, Marty, Becky and Simon will bring to life in this all-new adaptation.”

Jeff Davis has written the pilot for TNT and will serve as the executive producer. Joining him as executive producer is Becky Clements and Marty Adelstein. This news comes shortly after it was announced that ‘Teen Wolf‘ will end in 2017; allowing Davis more time for other projects.

Looks like TNT is trying to create a unique horror brand for themselves. ‘Let The Right One In‘ will be joining the reboot of ‘Tales From The Crypt’ on the network.


Have you seen ‘Let The Right One In‘ or the American remake titled ‘Let Me In’?

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