LEGION Chapter 4 Turns Up The Weird And Transcends

Three weeks ago, audiences were exposed to the mad world of David Haller. He’s the most powerful mutant in existence that may or may not be a paranoid schizophrenic. The show immediately challenged us to open our minds wider than ever before. This week, Legion “Chapter 4” turns up the weird and transcends into a new plane of existence.

Dear ol’ David is in coma-like sleep, his mind has wandered deep into the astral plane. While he discovers the where and why of his current state, Syd and the others investigate. They attempt to solve the mysteries of David’s memories. Along the way they uncover a number twists and surprises before falling into a trap set by “The Eye.”

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Jemaine Clement joins this already impressive cast, dazzling viewers with an impressive performance. With David and Syd separated for most of the episode, Dan Stevens and Rachel Keller are forced to carry their own narratives. They both step up to plate big-time, having settled completely into their characters enough to stand apart.

Imagery and visual exploration has been a major theme of the series, “Chapter 4” pushes the boundaries even farther. Each scene acts as a fuzzy memory or nightmare the viewer must analyze along with the characters. Legion functions as a highly entertaining puzzle, challenging the audience to dive as deep into their strange void as they can.

Loaded with misdirection and strategic dialogue, every revelation unravels what you thought you knew. None of the action or shocking visuals come across as anything short of brilliant. Firing on all cylinders, Legion is an experience like no other. All four episodes have taken significant steps in visual storytelling. This program’s success should prove that networks like FX should continue to be bold and ambitious.

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The experience so far has been an emotional one, fulfilling every desired category on the spectrum. Heart-wrenching drama, explosive action, enthralling romance, and even sheer terror. There’s nothing else on television quite like this, and it’s based on X-Men comic books; that’s a major achievement.

Those feeling the fatigue of super hero over-saturation, need not worry. This show has more in common with The Matrix, Inception, and The Big Lebowski than it does any X-Men film. While Marvel’s Netflix series have been revelations in super hero television, Legion is a revelation for television in general.

If you’ve been enjoying the show, be sure to check out Simon Spurrier’s X-Men Legacy run. It focuses completely on David and is as impressive as the series is. What do you think of Legion so far? Let us know in the comments!

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