‘King Kong’ To Get TV Series

Fans of giant monsters rejoice. It looks as if there will be more of everyone’s favorite Eighth Wonder of the World in the future. Not only will King Kong face Godzilla in 2020, but he is also getting an appearance on the smaller screen. You read it right. King Kong is getting his own TV series. Though there have been several animated series featuring Kong, this will be the first one to be live action.

This sounds like a decent idea but there is danger ahead. The series is set to team up Stacy Title and Jonathan Penner whose previous collaboration gave us The Bye Bye Man, which unfortunately wasn’t received well by two of our film critics. Hopefully they have learned their lesson and will work towards improving as they move forward.

Though a live action series based on a giant monster film could be bit iffy with the announced creators, there still is a bit of hope. The comic series, Kong of Skull Island by Boom Studios has been a very well crafted series which was the perfect companion piece to get the fans ready for the new film, Kong: Skull Island. Also, the article describes them diving into the origins of Skull Island, which is the main purpose of the continuing comic series. Theoretically as long as the team tells stories which are of a similar nature and actually help to build the mythology behind this new shared Kaiju universe with King Kong and Godzilla, then this may actually be a pleasant development in the future. For now, all giant monster fans can do is cross theirs fingers and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Anthony Wendel
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