Kevin Smith To Direct ‘Supergirl’ Episode; Plus His Comments

As officially announced by Entertainment Weekly, Kevin Smith is set to direct an episode of Supergirl in its upcoming second season. Smith directed a fan favorite episode of The Flash in its recent season two.  Details are unknown as to what the episode will be about or its placement in the season.

Smith took to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reveal his thoughts on the opportunity, saying;

“You will believe a man can cry! Ecstatic to be directing an episode of @supergirlcw this season! Fell in hardcore love with the show, the heartfelt @melissabenoist portrayal of Kara Zor El, and the excellent use of‪#‎jonnjonzz‬, the ‪#‎martianmanhunter‬ from @dccomics. Just like they did with the @cwtheflash, @andrewkreisberg & @gberlanti (and @aliadler) have crafted an incredibly human show about a person with superhuman abilities.‪#‎Supergirl‬ depicts family warmth so well, watching season 1 made me feel like I missed out on life by not being a girl who was best friends with my adoptive sister. I cannot wait to head back up to ‪#‎Vancouver‬ in October (after returning for another episode with my beloved Central City family of filmmakers from ‪#‎TheFlash‬ in September) to find out how the incredible cast & crew of this show I adore make such an engaging and emotionally satisfying hour of storytelling every week. But there’s bittersweet poetry to this Super gig: 20 years ago, I wrote a script for a movie called ‪#‎Superman‬Lives – a Superman reboot that never got off the ground (see the brilliant documentary ‪#‎thedeathofsupermanlives‬ by @jonschnepp for the full story). The other day, my own personal superhero ‪#‎andrewkreisberg‬ told me something in an email that made me roll a tear: it has nothing to do with the actual plot of my episode, but they titled the script for the one I’m directing “Supergirl Lives.” Only way any of this gets better would be if Kara has to fight a giant spider (or “Thanagarian Snare Beast”) in the 3rd act… Big thanks to everyone at Berlanti and ‪#‎theCW‬ for letting me come play in their super sandbox. Blood (and love) bonds us all…”

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Season two of Supergirl flies onto The CW starting Monday, October 10.

Source: EW.

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