The Witching Hour crossover continues to remind us why we love the Justice League Dark!

Review: Hecate Attacks Nanda Parbat in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #4

This chapter in the Wonder Woman/Justice League Dark story is spellbinding!

The goddess Hecate has deemed the world unworthy of magic and is set to remake it. Across the globe, branded magical folk begin to wreak havoc. One of these branded magical beings is Wonder Woman but is able to regain control of herself thanks to the Justice League Dark. Together, the League head to Circe, Diana’s nemesis and former worshiper of Hecate, to learn of the goddess’ plan. As they begin planning their counterattack, Deadman appears and reveals Hecate is leading an attack with a possessed Manitou Dawn. Wonder Woman unleashes the power of her brand and leads the Justice League Dark to battle. Can the League stop the Witching Hour?

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**Some Spoilers Below**


With the power of the Witchmark coursing through her, Wonder Woman leads the charge to stop Hecate. Circe teleports the League to Nanda Parbat, where the possessed Manitou Dawn is attacking. The goddess, Rama, stands ready to fight as her monks sacrifice their lives to become Deadman-like spirits. While the monks work together to hold Manitou, the Justice League Dark arrive to help. As Deadman convinces Rama to fall back, the rest of the League leaps into action to preserve Nanda Parbat. Before they can make much progress, however, they learn of another attack, threatening Swamp Thing’s realm of The Green.

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This issue reminds us why the Justice League Dark side of the DC universe is badass! The League working alongside one another in Nanda Parbat is fantastic. The size of the action sequences fit the dire nature of the crossover perfectly. The entrance of the Justice League Dark is one of the coolest moments in the story as Diana creates giant stone arms to replicate her iconic bracelet block. Another stand out moment was the cliffhanger ending. It will undoubtedly leave readers clamoring for next week’s conclusion. Moments like that, with a sprinkle of humor, makes this comic a thoroughly entertaining read.


Alvaro Martinez Bueno works his magic throughout the entire issue. From the goddesses, the magic, and even the layout itself fits the story perfectly. The size and scope of the goddesses are breathtaking. They are beautiful and terrifying at the same time. The same goes for the magic the League uses. In a creative move, Bueno has the magic become part of the layouts themselves. It’s just the cherry on top of this overall beautiful comic.

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I highly recommend this issue. If you’ve been reading this crossover so far, I can tell you that it’s still as badass as the first issue. If you haven’t started yet, you are missing out. It’s a ton of fun, beautiful, and reminds the readers why the Justice League Dark and their universe is so amazing.

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The Witching Hour crossover continues to remind us why we love the Justice League Dark!Review: Hecate Attacks Nanda Parbat in JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #4