Jon Bernthal On Why He Accepted Role As Frank Castle

Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle) recently discussed his initial interest in portraying the character, via

“I’m working on The Punisher now. You know, this whole superhero-comic-book thing is something I had zero interest in being a part of. The guys that I really, really respect as actors seem to have kind of purposely stayed away from that. I don’t mean that I’m above that or anything, just that it was not for me. But then when I got to know a little bit about this character… He ain’t got a f**king cape. He ain’t got any superpowers. He’s a f**king tortured, angry father and husband who’s living in this unbelievable world of darkness and loss and torment. Frank Castle resonates with me. And comic-book fans are the greatest fans on earth. It’s not like their insane fervor isn’t based on anything. This is a super-intelligent fan base, because reading a comic book requires you to do a lot of work. You’ve got to fill in all these f**king gaps. I’m respectful of that. These characters exist in their minds and hearts.”

Like Bernthal states, Punisher is not your average super hero or villain. He’s a mentally unstable killer who has a firm belief in his ideology of taking criminals off the streets.

The character made his first Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance in Netflix’s Daredevil series, and The Punisher show will hit the streaming service next year.

Aric Sweeny
Aric Sweeny
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