Jason Voorhees Will Kill On A Weekly Basis For The CW

Mark Pedowitz of The CW confirmed that the network is developing Friday the 13th for the small screen, according to Deadline.

The creators of the NBC series The Pretender, Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, will adapt the horror franchise for The CW. “They are now in development,” Pedowitz said.

The series details are murky, but this new Friday the 13th will take place around the characters of Crystal Lake and the mystery of Jason Voorhees’ family. The CW will also reimagine Voorhees’ iconic hockey mask.


Every One Of Jason Voorhees’ Kills In 2 Minutes

Friday The 13th The CW


Friday the 13th actually makes sense to be turned into a TV series, since there are more films that episodes in the entire first or second standalone seasons of True Detective. The CW is clearly working from the MTV template, who turned Teen Wolf and Scream into hit series.

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