Monkeys Fighting Robots

After a long break, your favorite alien is back!

Invader Zim is returning, but not a new season or a reboot. It’s returning as a movie.

During San Diego Comic-Con International series creator Jhonen Vazquez, along with original voice cast members Richard Horvitz (ZIM), Rikki Simons (GIR), Wally Wingert (Almighty Tallest Red) and Kevin McDonald (Almighty Tallest Purple) got together to tell us more about Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus

Before his appearance at SDCC, Vazquez sat down with Polygon for an interview. He said:

What I’m making isn’t going to be the best episode of Invader Zim. I would be battling people’s childhoods and trying to carve out space for a new favorite thing, and that’s the worst attitude to have when making this stuff.

Chris Viscardi, SVP, Content Development and Production, Animation for Nickelodeon said in a statement:

As a network that prides itself on a 25-year history of creating groundbreaking, hilarious animation for kids, Invader Zim is one of our great loves. It’s been so exciting to see its popularity grow over the last decade through social media, consumer products, and the Zim comic books. What makes this announcement extra thrilling is the adventure that Jhonen has created for Zim, and I can promise you that it is as wonderfully absurd and strangely heartfelt as any fan of the original series could hope for, and kids seeing it for the first time will love it too.

No official release date has been given, but here is a sneak peak of the movie.