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Writer Gerry Duggan has been one of the creators leading the charge for Marvel’s cosmic reemergence. Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock serves us a setup for the upcoming story as well as reveal some new details regarding the books we’ll be getting this spring and summer.

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Duggan’s work on his Guardians of the Galaxy run has played a huge part in reigniting the flame of Marvel’s cosmic side of the 616 universe. History has shown that the healthier that Marvel’s space landscape is, the healthier the entire universe is. It’s important to give readers compelling comics both on and off of Earth.

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Gerry proved that he’s the right man for the job and this Infinity Countdown issue is no exception. We spend almost the entire book with Adam and Kang, who both play a big part in what’s to come. Warlock’s role, and how he’s managed to return, are more than passable. It actually matters that a character of his caliber has returned, it’s no cheap stunt.

Michael Allred’s bug-eyed approach to Adam Warlock is a perfect fit. His style does wonders for the Marvel cosmic setting, just as it did during Silver Surfer. Our Warlock history lesson with Kang is a trippy catch-up for those who aren’t so fluent on “Him.” It’s an absolute joy to play I-Spy with all the artifacts within the background of Kang’s home, which is also a subtle history lesson of its own.

Adam Warlock is drawn wearing a lightning bolt (he hasn’t in a very long time) similar to that of Shazam. DC’s upcoming Terrifics series is allegedly a Fantastic Four book because Marvel isn’t doing one. Perhaps Warlock bearing the bolt is a dig at DC for Shazam’s absence from DC Rebirth thus far? I don’t believe this is true, it’s just a fun observation.

The issue itself is a great setup to Adam Warlock’s role in the upcoming Infinity Countdown story. However, the most interesting information comes in the form of the checklist in the back of the issue.

We already knew this was going to be a big deal for all of our cosmic heroes. We also knew that, since Marvel Legacy #1, that the original Wolverine was heavily involved since he has one of the stones. Apparently he isn’t the only “Earther” who’ll be involved.

Daredevil, Black Widow, and Champions are all listed with their own Infinity Countdown tie-ins. There’s also four Darkhawk issues listed, we recently saw him have a one-shot at as a part of Marvel Legacy. Could this mean the cult hero could be returning to prominence? Or at least an attempt to do so?

There’s also a page in this issue in which Kang shows Adam the future devastation that he’s trying to avoid in which Phyla-Vell and Moondragon are shown. Could a GOTG lineup resembling the classic Abnett/Lanning run be around the corner? Probably not, but even just having them back would be nice.

Recently, Gerry Duggan has heavily used the Fraternity of Raptors in his Guardians of the Galaxy run. Getting Christopher Powell (or a new wielder of the amulet) back into the fold could be big for longtime Marvel fans, especially if he’s on the cosmic side of things.

Infinity Countdown is shaping up to be a gigantic part of every Marvel fan’s summer reading. We appear to be in more than capable hands and heading for some magnificent cosmic fun.

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