INFINITE FRONTIER #0 is the Comic the World Needs Right Now

Infinite Frontier #0 reminds us how we can all write our own destinies.

There’s something magical about comic books.

Though DC Comics has launched several line-wide reboots, the premiere of its latest initiative in Infinite Frontier #0 has successfully excited even the most jaded comic fans. It’s a book filled with the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Possibilities jump off of every page, and many readers, from long-time followers to casual fans and everyone in between, can’t wait to see what happens next. This debut issue is the perfect comic for the world right now, both the one within the pages of the book and the real one we’re all living in.

The buzz generated by Infinite Frontier #0 is genuinely remarkable. The main story, written by acclaimed scribes Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, and Scott Snyder, turns DC on its head by revealing that the universe is limitless. Even on page one, the reader learns that the destiny our beloved heroes face is unwritten. Truly, anything is possible in this new world order. This monumental change is a stark departure from the DC Universe fans had become accustomed to.


Whereas the multiverse was once contained within somewhat loose boundaries, even after the Source Wall broke, the stories that DC can tell are now infinite. Throughout this highly anticipated issue, Wonder Woman acts as a tour guide, and she shows the reader just a small sample size of what’s to come. From Black Adam’s return to the devastating attack on Arkham Asylum, the core trio of writers present a new status quo that’s exhilarating.

DC Infinite Frontier #0
Every step of the way, Infinite Frontier #0 is full of hope and possibility.

The artwork also reflects the optimism that’s evident throughout the entire story. Dire events like Dark Nights: Death Metal were appropriately dreary, but this tone quickly pervaded the majority of the DCU. Thankfully, Infinite Frontier #0 is filled with bright, joyful colors that make it impossible not to smile. This effect is especially apparent during the second Superman snippet, written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, illustrated by Jamal Igle, and colored by Hi-Fi.

Other excerpts are also good examples, but it’s fitting that Superman, in this case, Jon Kent, is an embodiment of this renewed hope. Sure, the scene might require striking colors to capture the galactic nature of extraterrestrial threats. But even when Kent is flying by the iconic Daily Planet globe, there’s something powerful about the dazzling, electric blue sky in the background. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and DC fans should definitely feel good by the time they’re done reading Infinite Frontier #0.

Superman in DC Infinite Frontier #0
Superman embodies the optimism seen in Infinite Frontier #0.

At one point, it’s a story about romance and finding your way back to the ones you love. Williams Green Arrow & Black Canary portion of the book reunites one of DC’s most recognizable couples. This section, illustrated by Alex Maleev and colored by Jordie Bellaire, shows that Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance are back together. The reader gets to see an intimate moment for the couple, and the scene does just enough to warm the fans’ hearts and lure them in for the next chapter.

Infinite Frontier#0 makes several statements, and one profound scene stands above the rest. In the Green Lantern: Alan Scott teaser, the legendary hero bravely comes out to his children, Ophidian and Jade, and they warmly embrace their father. Scott explained how he felt compelled to reveal his true self ahead of his new mission as the sentinel of the world.

Tynion IV punctuates the emotional moment with a poetic description of Scott’s actions, stated by both the Green Lantern and his son. “No fear,” they both say, a moment that beautifully captures Scott’s bravery and pairs it with his duty as a Green Lantern, a line of heroes who are known for their courage and their ability to overcome fear.

This excerpt about Scott takes Infinite Frontier #0 to another level, as it tells the reader that this book is very much a reflection of, and maybe even a proclamation about, the modern world. Scott’s valor and the touching response he receives from his children speaks to the acceptance and understanding that this world needs right now.

Destiny in DC Infinite Frontier #0
Infinite Frontier #0, shows how heroes can write their own destinies

From there, it’s easy to reflect on this book’s numerous connections to the real world. First, it’s refreshing to see an extensive gathering of DC’s heroes. In some ways, the book reads like a family reunion, an experience that makes the reader think of the distance that’s caused by life during a pandemic.

Countless people have been separated from their loved ones due to travel restrictions. Watching these characters come together, even indirectly, is a welcome change of pace because it adds a timely example of comics’ ability to be an escape. Reading this reunion unfold on the page makes the reader hope for a world where everyone can reconnect with their loved ones.

As nice as that is, perhaps the leading reason why this book is so profound can be seen in its metaphorical meaning. For roughly a year now, the world has been trapped in COVID-19 mode. The pandemic has dominated nearly every facet of life, from responsibilities like school and work to freedoms like dinner dates and concerts. Life before COVID-19 has become a distant memory, and life has felt like a perpetual cycle of fear, restriction, and despair.

For months, the pandemic has rewritten the story of day-to-day existence. Across the globe, people are locked into this new way of living. It can be hard to find hope for the future when, more often than not, COVID-19 has cursed the world to suffer that aforementioned vicious cycle.

But that’s where Infinite Frontier #0 comes in. Enough doom and gloom. Yes, this book is actually about how incredible heroes can now experience an immeasurable variety of new possibilities and destinies. But the issue serves as an eye-opening reminder about the nature of real life. While the pandemic will continue to hinder life as we know it, people have the chance to write their own stories every day.

Life is whatever you make of it. One can choose to get bogged down in the anguish that’s often associated with the pandemic. On the other hand, one has the opportunity to rise above, make the most of it and follow their dreams, whatever they are.

That’s the heart of the story in Infinite Frontier #0, as it shows the reader how everyone can be their own hero.


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