‘In Rotation’: My Top 9 Albums Of The Week That You Need To Hear

In Rotation, a listicle for music lovers, and seekers of new and different things to listen to. So, if you’re looking for new music, something different, or maybe music to suit your mood this week, here is the place to get a diverse offering each week. This week, of course, is no exception to that rule.

In Rotation this week, one Gothic Punk band, one classical composer, a Shoegazing band, a creepy Indie Folk Rock band, Emotive Punk Rock, ’50s/’60s Rock instrumental, and two Post Punk/New Wave style bands. The article is a little late, so lets dive in, and go for spin.




Band: No Motiv
Album: Daylight Breaking

No Motiv’s second entry In Rotation is where the darkness of Winterlong EP  got its groove from. The rest is Emotive Punk, or in some parts, Indie Rock. Though it represents a lot of maturity, the sound has changed some, but that isn’t to say No Motiv has lost their edge.

So, if you’re a reluctant fan, check it out. If you’re not, check it out.


Band: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Album: Requiem

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart probably doesn’t tend to even be in the same part of your local record store, but it happens to be here In Rotation. As annoying as that is getting, it is what this is called. Classical music isn’t something that is too popular nowadays, then again, popular radio doesn’t have almost any of bands mentioned in this column thus far.

Requiem is Mozart’s final piece, and he died before he could finish his own funeral masque. You can kind of hear where the next writer picked up and complete the piece. For Gothic music lovers, classical music lovers, and dark music curios, give it a spin and turn it up.


Band: The Bilinda Butchers
Album: Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams EP.

First of all, lets get one thing straight, Bilinda Butcher is not in this band. Rinse and repeat.

This writer managed to listen to 2 of their albums without knowing this. For one reason, her name is suspiciously in the title, and the band relies heavily on a My Bloody Valentine Shoegazing style.

Though, Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams is certainly toned down and softer, as I imagine their volume knobs aren’t cranked up to a deafening town in real life. Though, it still warrants more than a few listens.


Band: The Decemberists
Album: Hazards of Love

The Decemberists’ album Hazards of Love is proof that you can have a whole career, barely have an effect on some music fans, and then produce one of their favorite albums of all time. It starts off innocent enough, but murder, death, and ghosts are around the corner.

The album is a hodgepodge of grunge, metal, folk, Indie Rock, acoustic, Sludge Blues, an almost cabaret sound at times, and enough darkness to make Ozzie Osbourne blush. Check it out…if you dare.


Band: T.S.O.L.
Album: Change Today?

Gothic/Political Punk music act True Sounds Of Liberty, or T.S.O.L. for most of their career, then their singer Jack Grisham left. He eventually formed The Joykiller with T.S.O.L. guitarist Ron Emory, but they would later return to their original band after the new singer Joe Wood ruined the band with hair metal with the album Hit and Run. 

However, with Change Today? and Revenge, he furthered the bands Gothic Punkness, and added a much raspier, but also melodic voice to the band.

Who knows what would have happened if the departure of Ron Emory and merging hair metal into their genre title didn’t end their run. Either way, Change Today? is an album that is worth your time, and there is no hair metal. This writer has checked. No worries.


Band: My Bloody Valentine
Album: You Made Me Realise EP.

My Bloody Valentine invented Shoegazing, a form of rock music that blends grunge, experimental rock, and an obsession with dissonant, blended guitars and vocals that all form one fuzzy, smooth ball of awesome sounds.

Unlike their hit Loveless, this album leans more on the punk and grunge side, and is an EP, but do not let that fool you. This album also has a lot to offer.

Band: The Parkays
Album: Various songs

Surf Rock/Late ’50s, Early ’60s Rock instrumental band has but a few tunes, and not one single full album to listen to. The most amount of information that exists suggests the members were a backing band to other more well know artists, but if you have a chance to hear Purple Tigers, Get It, Late Date, or Green Monkeys, you might be singing a different tune.

The-Bravery- Stir the-Blood
Band: Interpol
Album: Our Love to Admire

Interpol is an unusual band, and they occasionally remind one of Joy Division, but what Our Love to Admire offers is fairly different then the progenitor of Post Punk and Dark Wave music.

Ironically, the album is strongest when it sticks to its present, and less on its past.

In any case, they’re all worth looking into, but this one happens to be In Rotation, give it a spin.

The Bravery - Stir the-Blood
Band: The Bravery
Album: Stir the Blood

The Bravery adds a ninth, and final, album to In Rotation this week. The Bravery, not unlike the music on Our Love to Admire in particular, seem to be a much malign group of the New Wave revival and Post Punk revival of period of the early 2000s. Though a lot darker, and more atmospheric than prior records, there is a lot to love in this emotional charged New Wave and Post Punk revival album.

Don’t listen to the detractors, listen to The Bravery.

That’s all for week. So feel free to drop in next week, but for now, take some of these discs for a spin.

[Image Courtesy Of Public Domain/Various Artists]

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