‘In Rotation’: My Top 9 Albums Of The Week That You Need To Hear

In Rotation, a listicle for music lovers, and seekers of new and different things to listen to. So, if you’re looking for new music, something different, or maybe music to suit your mood this week, here is the place to get a diverse offering each week.

In Rotation this week, we have a screamo/punk band that has gone Shoegazing, a disaster film soundtrack, the newest work from a legend in Horror Punk, Matt Skiba’s post punk side project, a Gothic/Poltical Punk giant’s side project, the earlier work of a band that has donned many genres, a new wave band that has had a prominent place in horror history (Sort of), and a Surf Rock/’50s-’60s Rock instrumental group in the information age that has no information to find.

Shall we begin?



Band: Thursday
Album: City by the Light Divided

Most bands put out controversial subject matter to earn their album much malcontent and malign in a mix of attitudes towards it. However, some only have to do something moderately different in their sound to stir the pot. Thursday certainly didn’t tone a thing down, as songs like At This Velocity  are anything, but tamed.  Though, what Thursday does implement into their music is an amping up of the effects and shoegazing the vocals and guitars at times to blend harmoniously together.

Sure, it is not for everyone, and some Thursday fans hate the music on this album. If you’re okay with a little something different, give this album a spin.



Band: Various
Album: Twister soundtrack

Normally, this writer would be less likely to add a soundtrack to the mix, but occasionally one stands out in memory. When you’re looking to rock out to the elements, or block them out, this truly is the album for you.

The stand out tracks, and likely the only good ones, are Van Halen’s Humans Being, Soul Asylum’s Miss This, The Goo Goo Dolls’ Long Way Down, and Eddie and Alex Van Halen’s Respect the Wind.

Some notables for this album, there is no indication who the heck is singing with Van Halen, The Goo Goo Dolls were all ’90s Hard Rock and Punky, and why is the epic Deep Purple song not on there! You still need to check this out.


Band: Michale Graves
Album: When Worlds Collide

Michale Graves, of The Misfits, Gotham Rd, and Graves fame, to name a few, has put out a new Horror album over the past year, and you need to hear it. Ranging in inspirations  from his very own Web of Dharma and Vagabond, and his era of Misfits’ American PsychoWhen Worlds Collide is unique among its peers. Such as his prior Horror Rock album Lost Skeleton Returns, and various other acoustic and instrumental albums.

It feels like a culmination of his Horror career, and it certainly is worth more than a few rotations. Even better, you can pick it up digitally for $5.00 here, so you give it a …digital spin or whatever kids do these days.


Band: Heavens
Album: Patent Pending

Matt Skiba is no stranger to side projects, as he has taken a break from Alkaline Trio, to join Blink 182 currently. Of the myriad side projects Skiba has started or been a part of, Heavens is definitely the standout. Matt Skiba finds himself at home with the Post Punk/Dark Wave band.

The uniqueness is felt, but if you know Interpol or Alkaline Trio, you can hear the two bands in the mix.

You should listen to Heavens’ music on Patent Pending for their uniqueness, and the best Matt Skiba side project that will make you wish they would put out another album. If you have the opportunity, check out their cover of “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” as it is one of, if not “the” best cover.


Band: The Joykiller
Album: Self-titled

During Jack Grisham and Ron Emory’s departure from T.S.O.L., and during the Hair Metal awfulness that would spell the end for the their second vocalists’ tenure, they formed The Joykiller. At times it comes off as The Offspring dabbled a little in horror, and much in piano, but this is certainly a unique Punk Rock album that deserves to be heard and turned up loudly, noise ordinances be darned.

Did this writer mention how awesome that comic book looking cover is?


Band: Incubus
Album: S.C.I.E.N.C.E

To know and love the band Incubus, you must be certain you can love their many shades and genres of music they transform into from album to album, and sometimes track to track. S.C.I.E.N.C.E  is an odd little rap, jazz, metal, instrumental, and a few other elements album that definitely set this apart from other bands that are considered to be in Incubus’ genre, if that is even possible.

They are more than their song Drive, so give this little unusual diddy a spin.


Band: Pseudo echo
Album: Autumnal Park

New wave acts in the ’80s are a dime a dozen, and if you ride the wave, then there is certainly a good few to choose from. Pseudo Echo certainly hails from one of the weirdest sectors of ’80s music, but its their song His Eyes that has a notable spot in Friday The 13th Part 5. This happens to be the best thing about one of the worst chapters of the Friday The 13th series.

If you’re in a nostalgic ’80s music mood, or love New Wave, you should check this album out.


Band: The Jaguars
Album: No name

At the time of this writing, very little information turns up, but the group has two confirmed songs that are quite good for the Surf Rock/’50s-’60s Rock instrumental genre. You might run into some issues because there are more than 5 or so bands with the associated band name “The Jaguars,”but in this writer’s research, only one album and two songs match this particular group.

For fans of Surf Rock/’50s-’60s Rock instrumental, musicians, and anyone who loves music. Give it a listen.



Thank you for taking a short journey into a vast collection of various genres that hopefully will give you something new to listen to this week.

That is all for this week’s In Rotation, but feel free to return next week for a new playlist with more unique, unusual, unknown, and interesting artists. Feel free to turn it up this weekend.

[Images Via Public Domain/Various Artists]

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