‘In Rotation’: My Top 7 Albums Of The Week That You Need To Hear

 In Rotation, a listicle for music lovers, and seekers of new and different things to listen to. So, if you’re looking for new music, something different, or maybe music to suit your mood this week, here is the place to get a diverse offering each week.

In Rotation this week, there is three very different Emo bands, an odd Surf Rock band, theatrical Gothic Punk Rock band, a Classic music composer than Edgar Allan Poe might appreciate, and a Gothic, Folk, ’50s Rock band that you might find at ’50s high school dance on Halloween. If that sound intriguing, let’s dive in. We are already late to start, so let’s get going!

If not, you’re already here, so why not read on?




Band: Saves The Day
Album: Sound the Alarm

Saves the Day is an angry Emotive Punk Rock band with Beatles-esque pop sensibilities. So, to say this is an angsty, angry album even for them, it is certainly saying something. Sound the Alarm is the first in a concept album series that deals with anger, depression, and acceptance.

Unlike films, you do not need the whole trilogy to enjoy this album, but it couldn’t hurt. Give this a spin, and then go look up Under the Boards and Daybreak.



Band: Insect Surfers
Album: Infra Green

Surf Rock music is a much more diverse genre than one might think, and the music of Insect Surfers is no exception. Killer bass lines, spacey reverb, and guitar solos is only some of what make their brand of Surf Rock music unique, and Infra Green, an exceptional album to listen to. Give it a spin, at least once.

Band: AFI
Album: Decemberunderground

What album is better to listen to in the wintertime, december, and it isn’t Christmas related? AFI’s Decemberunderground, of course. The Gothic, theatrical, Punk Rock band has been on this list before, but this step into the frozen tundra is a different take in the larger AFI discography. It is the closer to their masterpiece Sing The Sorrow,  and holds its own against the disappointment of Crash Love, quality wise. 

If you love the AFI from Black Sails in the Sunset era forward, it is a safe bet that you will want to spend December…underground. Give it a spin.



Band: Mussorgsky
Album: Songs and Dances of Death

Certainly, when you hear an album or selection of songs entitled ” Songs and Dances of Death,” you think some Gothic band or Marilyn Manson inspired group, but you could not be further from the truth. Modest Mussorgsky is most well-known for his piece Night on Bald Mountain, which is classical music piece used in Disney’s Fantasia.

This unique piece has a dark story, creepy male operatic singing, and a slightly unorthodox list of classical tunes that will be great for Halloween or any other dark, eerie, occasions you happen to frequent or find yourself in. Spin it slow, and in the dark.

Band: Bayside
Album: The Walking Wounded

Bayside is a well-known Emotive Punk Rock band with metal solo parts, and often, some of the best rhythm and lead guitar playing in unison that you will hear in rock music in general. The band typically followed the usual angsty, cathartic lyrical content that other bands like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and others have also pumped out with great efficiency, but this album came after the death of Johnny ‘Beats’ Holihan. This album was about healing and positivity, while addressing many of the same Emo topics, but adding some more mature subject matter.

If you love Bayside, Emotive music, or maybe just something cathartic and motivational, look this album up.

Band: Brand New
Album: Your Favorite Weapon

Your Favorite Weapon is an epic debut album from one of the most important Emotive Punk Rock bands in the genre. Brand New stands out a little more in their later works, and of course their classic is still Deja Entendu, but most fans of their music started with the first. Though it doesn’t stand as cohesively as their sophmore effort, it is full of fan favorites from their early days, and some poppy lesser tunes.

It features the song Seventy-Times Seven, also known as the sister song to Taking Back Sunday’s There’s No ‘I’ in Team, back when the two bands had a rivalry. It is worth a listen, give it a spin.

Band: Timber Timbre
Album: Creep On Creepin’ On

It is important to note right off the bat, if you love another In Rotation group Dead Man’s Bones, this is literally the closest band in sound and genre you will find. They’re Folky, Indie, Goth-y, and piano…y? Timber Timbre’s music is hard to classify, but the eerie, dark piano laden, occasionally waltz-y band was once described as a record playing on an old phonograph, at a school dance, in the ’50s, on Halloween.

If that sounds like your jam, then you need to listen to Timber Timbre’s Creep On Creepin’ On immediately. Like, right now!


This concludes this week’s In Rotation music listing, and come back next week for another eclectic helping of new and old music.

[Images Courtesy Of The Respective Bands In This List]

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