Al Ewing's IMMORTAL HULK run is as monumental and surprising as Tom King's VISION was a few years ago.

IMMORTAL HULK #11: The Horrifying Evolution Of Rage

Al Ewing and Joe Bennett continue to deliver more than we could have ever expected with this stellar Immortal Hulk run. This has easily been one of the best Marvel books of the year.

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Hulk finds himself on a journey through hell. Immortal Hulk has been a comic drenched very much in horror aesthetics, this new story takes it too a whole new level in issue #11.

The deeper Hulk goes on this inward journey, the more layered the series becomes. What began as a horrifying look at the monster that had overtaken the man has no evolved into an examination of the human condition and how anger effects and rules all. Rage is a monster that lays in wait within all of us.

Al Ewing finds new ways to contort and shape a Hulk story to fit everyday monsters and demons each issue. We take a deep dive into the Bruce Banner and Hulk experience in a way that we’ve never really seen before.

This might be the most inventive and truly captivating comic book to ever star the big green gamma monster. Immortal Hulk is probably the best series Marvel is currently publishing and could easily be a top contender across the entire industry.

There’s so much tension and agony on every page, it oozes from the script and takes a beautifully ugly shape thanks to the phenomenal work by Joe Bennett. Creepy visuals, layouts, and angles only add to the palpable feeling of unease while reading this issue.

Bennett provides a few shock moments to give you the horror movie jolt, but most of the dread conjured up comes from the character’s experience and how Ewing’s script is illustrated. Joe Bennett might not be the most high profiled artist to spend some time with Banner in recent years, but Immortal Hulk will definitely be the most memorable thanks in large part to his art.

Colorist Paul Mounts and Inker Ruy José bring this new, hellish landscape to life. Our new environment is even more terrifying thanks to an otherworldly pallet and heavy tastefully heavy inks.

As we continue to take this journey along with Banner and his greener half, we discover more about the character than we have in a long time. Immortal Hulk has surprises waiting around every corner, readers will be on their toes with each page turn as we have no idea what to expect.

Al Ewing should be firmly planted in comic book royalty for this run alone (his other work is quite good as well). Immortal Hulk continues to raise the bar and catch us off guard. This is a must-read book no matter what your pull list looks like.

Brandon J. Griffin
Brandon J. Griffin
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Al Ewing's IMMORTAL HULK run is as monumental and surprising as Tom King's VISION was a few years ago.IMMORTAL HULK #11: The Horrifying Evolution Of Rage