I’d Buy That For A Dollar: TERROR INC. #12 (Marvel Comics June 1993)

Welcome to ‘I’d Buy That For A Dollar’ a column where I will be exploring the weird and wonderful world of dollar bin diving. The only rule is each and every comic is purchased for one dollar (or less!).I'd Buy That For A Dollar

This week’s comic is Terror Inc. #12.Terror Inc

Terror Inc. #12
Written by: D.G. Chichester
Pencils by: Kirk Van Wormer
Inks by: Bud LaRosa, Jason Temujin Minor, Steve George
Colors by: Kevin Sommers & James Hoston
Letters by: Vickie Williams

Terror Inc. has to be one of Marvel’s weirdest 90s books (and that’s saying A LOT). I don’t ever remember reading it much as a kid, but it was definitely present on spinner racks. I probably had one issue at most. Terror Inc.’s origin is very complicated, but the main thing you gotta know is he can attach the limbs, body parts and organs of people and absorb powers and or memories, etc. It’s gruesome shit and borders on Cronenberg levels of body horror. It could almost be a mature readers title (a relaunch of it was actually put out under Marvel’s Max line not long ago).

This issue has Terror teaming up with Siver Sable and Luke Cage to go against a demon called Priapus.  It’s the fourth chapter of a six-part arc, so the plot is hard to grasp. Still, there are plenty of crazy images and the whole issue has S&M and sexual undertones that I don’t think any kid would have understood back then. The issue definitely makes me want to read more and I’ll grab any I see in dollar bins from now on. Anyway, let’s look at some pages!

Terror Inc.
Check out the opening page. Right off the bat, there’s a mention of a ‘carnal serpent’. That’s also a crazy looking satyr.
Terror Inc.
Here’s a scene where Terror attaches a leg and an eyeball to himself after dragging a corpse out of the water. That’s pretty gruesome for a newsstand Marvel comic.
Terror Inc.
A big gun going off? Not phallic at all…
Terror Inc.
This page is pretty awesome. The composition is great as are the colors. And there’s a fucking shark!


Terror Inc.
This whole scene is very S&M and bloody too.
Terror Inc.
Another very cool looking page. There’s even some neat lettering work in this book.

And I just had to end it with this following ad for acne medication. How perfect is it to sell acne meds with comics!

Terror Inc.

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