I’d Buy That For A Dollar: DC Comics’ WHO’S WHO (1985-1987)

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Welcome to ‘I’d Buy That For A Dollar’ a column where I will be exploring the weird and wonderful world of dollar bin diving. The only rule is each and every comic is purchased for one dollar (or less!).

This Week’s Comic(s): DC Comics’ Who’s Who series!

So I am taking a different approach to this edition of I’d Buy That For A Dollar. Instead of focusing on a single issue, I’m going to showcase some highlights from DC’s Who’s Who books. For those young comic fans who weren’t around before Wikipedia and Google, guidebooks like Who’s Who were the only sources for deep-cut knowledge and statistics on continuity and characters. And as much fun as that is, the real pleasure was in all the fantastic artists that contributed to them (and DC was great about crediting the specific artists on the pages they did),  You could even argue that they are more of a Who’s Who of artists than characters! Anyway, I will let the pages, images, and covers speak for themselves. Enjoy!


Who's Who
Here is an early cover by Todd McFarlane!

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Who's Who
McFarlane also did a few interiors. Check this one out. Love that Mr. Bones!

Who's Who
David Mazzuchelli doing Commissioner Gordon! Perfect!

Who's Who
The double-page spreads are classic. Just check out this Joe Kubert Easy Company entry!

Who's Who
And here is another double-pager by the great Rick Veitch!

Who's Who
Marshall Rogers!!!!!!

Who's Who
Classic Superman artist Curt Swan does one of the most beloved Silver Age creations, Composite Superman!

Who's Who
The always great and underused Tim Truman!

Who's Who
Colleen Doran and Karl Kessel!

Who's Who
The Racketeer’s Dave Stevens!

Who's Who
Steve Rude!!!!

There you go, folks! And that’s just the tiniest of tastes! These books are so well worth it, so seek them out in those bins and deep dive!

You can find great dollar bins at almost every local comic shop. So find a shop, ask a comic clerk what they can do for you during this time and get some dollar comics! Pick them up curbside and have them delivered if you must!

Got your own awesome dollar bin finds? Toss them at me! 
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