One of the ever-rising energy options widely used by various households in the UK is green energy. Regardless of this increasing number, there are still individuals with the notion that it is more expensive paying their gas and electricity bills using green energy. This is not true; on the contrary, it saves cost, creates a clean environment and could even generate profits if the right steps are taken. This article will help you understand what green energy is and how you can significantly benefit from it.

What Is Green Energy?

Green energy or renewable energy is produced from natural sources such as sunlight, tides, wind, algae, plants, and geothermal heat. They are renewable, in the sense that they can be naturally reproduced. As we advance, there are more energy suppliers that offer green energy tariffs, based on the supply of eco-friendly energy, to various households. The energy supplied is 100% renewable and comes in various forms, ranging from wind farms to solar panels.

In the UK, there is a regulatory body that oversees the supply of gas and electricity by energy retailers to households. This regulatory body is known as Ofgem – Office of Gas and Electricity Markets. They have implemented a Green Energy Certification Scheme that provides scrutiny and audit to willing energy providers, after which their services are being certified as ‘green’.

Although some energy providers are not certified by Ofgem, they still provide environmentally friendly energy to consumers.

Is It Cheaper To Use Green Energy?

Green energy is slightly more in price when compared to the standard energy tariffs – the reason being that it costs a lot to produce renewable energy. However, it has its benefits. An important factor to note is that not all energy suppliers have expensive green energy tariffs. There are suppliers that offer cheap tariffs; all you need to do is to find and compare various tariffs from energy suppliers to get the best deals. This way, you can save tons of money and conserve energy.

How To Get The Best Green Energy Deal?

There are several energy companies out there that offer various amazing deals on energy tariffs. One of them is Simply Switch. They give you an option to compare various energy services available. You can get the best deal based on your location. There is a list which is available on request that contains various green energy tariffs in price order, from which you can select the best option for your needs.

Green Energy Tariffs You Can Compare?

There are various utilities that are made available for you to compare, including gas and electricity, as well as mobile phones and broadband. The following energy categories can be compared:

  • Electricity Only
  • Gas Only
  • Green Energy
  • Duel Fuel

If you a looking for a platform where you can compare prices of various energy utilities and their providers before you switch to a cheaper and efficient option, you can do that quickly, easily, and freely still using Simply Switch. All you need is to enter your postcode. If you would like to know more about green energy options, please visit this link: Simply Switch – Energy Comparisons.

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