How Much More Attack on Titan Will There Be?

A recent interview that mentioned the series creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama, stated that he had about three more years of stories until the manga will be finished. Isayama said currently 60% of the story has been told. But what does it mean? How much more Attack on Titan can the fans expect? What does this mean for the manga and anime?


At the time of the interview the most recent chapter of the manga was 73. With this only being 60% of the actual story that means the story mathematically needs to run at least 122 more chapters. Going back to Hajime’s original claim, in which he said it would take three years to finish the series, this seems about right. Still, the series has been coming out at a biweekly schedule which makes three more years of manga equal about 78 chapters total. Let’s do an average, and say the series will wrap up in 76 more chapters. Looks like the fans reading the manga are going to have a lot to look forward to in the future.

What will fans have to look forward to when more manga gets turned into an anime? Going back to the 25 episodes of the anime and comparing it to the 34 chapters of manga it was based on, shows that about 1.36 chapters are made into one episode. Using math again shows it will take about 56 more episodes of anime to show the entire story in animated form. Basically, about two extended seasons of anime back to back.

Will fans ever get to see more Titan killing in animated form? It’s almost a certainty at this point. Since the anime’s initial ending – 2 live action films – have been released, and a more comical series called Attack on Titan: Junior High will be released this fall. There has also been extensive rumors of a second season of the anime coming out in 2016 but there has yet to be a trailer. Based on this math, it will take at least 50 episodes to properly tell the story to its fullest. More than enough episodes to satisfy the fanbase with all the Titan fighting action they can handle.


Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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