For fans of the band, the story remains a welcome addition to GWAR's long, complicated mythos. And the art is a nice throwback to album art and '90s cult comics.


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GWAR: Orgasmaggedon #2 – Like Forrest Gump, but bloodier

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In the second issue of their Dynamite mini-series, Matt Miner and GWAR’s Matt Maguire continue fleshing out the latest entry in the shock-rock band’s chaotic, bad-acid-trip mythos.

Picking up where the last issue left off, the members of the band are continuing their trek through time after being jettisoned from the present in the villainous Mr. Perfect’s phallic meat rocket. In GWAR mythos, Perfect is a powerful and omnipresent being who exists across all times and is responsible for the death of Oderus Urungus, former leader of our heroes, the Scumdogs (i.e., the band).

Now, he has his sights set on perennial GWAR nuisance Sawborg Destructo, aiming to siphon his DNA and incorporate it into his own. To keep the Scumdogs distracted as they play Forrest Gump across a number of high-profile events in human history, he also sends a pair of monsters back to deal with them: the serpentine War Minion Q, which is identified by the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl, and the aptly-named Krakunt, which attacks the sinking Titanic.

The aesthetic of the art continues to be a nice throwback to ’90s cult comics like the “Mortal Kombat” tie-in series, as well as GWAR’s own album art. One of the backup stories, by OG GWAR Slave Pit member Hunter Jackson further hammers this home.

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Ultimately, this series is still a fun must-read for GWAR’s fans or Bohabs. Whether anyone beyond that would enjoy it is another question — though it’s also hard to imagine anyone who doesn’t already like GWAR going out of their way to read the band’s comic.

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