Guillermo Del Toro Invited to Direct ‘Arrow’


What a rad day for fans of Guillermo Del Toro and ‘Arrow!’

Del Toro has been a busy man, especially in the comic book world. The man who gave us the ‘Hellboy’ films has been working on a project called ‘Trollhunters,’ an animated series with Marc Guggenheim, of the Arrowverse. The topic of Del Toro guest directing ‘Arrow’ has been an open discussion according to


“I’d be lying is I said I never broached the topic with him. He’s so busy and he is filming right now actually up in Toronto. He’s got a standing invitation.” Guggenheim goes on to say.

Del Toro would not be the first famous director to get in on the comic book show game. Kevin Smith has spent a good amount of time behind the camera over at ‘The Flash.’ Smith, an avid comic book fan himself, takes that love behind the camera to show it in the best way possible on camera. With his directing style, and love of the universe, Del Toro could really add depth and range to the CW drama.

arrow-february-2013-sweeps-poster_fullArrow follows Oliver Queen, the vigilante Green Arrow. Season four left us with the shocking death of Laurel,  Season five has begun with both Diggle and Thea taking a hike from Team Arrow, leaving Oliver to handle things on his own, like the old days.

I for one, am on board with this. Guillermo Del Toro is an amazing filmmaker, with such warped and dark ideas. His style could really add to the already dark action packed show. What do you think? Should more serious filmmakers think about directing television? Should they divulge into their passions and make even more rad things?

Stephen Amell kicks some serious ass as the Green Arrow.

‘Arrow’ airs on the CW Wednesdays at 8/7c.

‘Trollhunters’ is scheduled to begin airing in December on Netflix.

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