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The conclusion of the recent Green Lanterns arc ends with a “meh” instead of a bang.

After the disappearances of several heroes on earth, the Green Lanterns find that they are all connected to a dating app. When they go to confront the developers, they find former Omega Man Scrapps snooping around as well. The trio works together to locate the kidnapped heroes, which leads them to a planet controlled by a cult, The Order of the Steed. When they confront the Order, they reveal the being they worship now controls all of the superhumans they kidnapped. How will the Lanterns save them all, including Simon’s Ex, Night Pilot?

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**Some Spoilers Below**


The Green Lanterns and the Omega Man split up, each handling a task to take down the Order in one climactic battle. Scrapps takes on the head of the Order as well as a possessed Night Pilot. Simon corners the shape-shifting Durlan that has been kidnapping the heroes in the first place. While those two handle them, Jessica has the important job of deactivating the device controlling the superhumans.

Green Lanterns save the day

That’s basically the whole of the issue. The final part of the arc is essentially a giant fight scene. While it is a pretty one (we’ll get to that in the art section), I can’t help but think something feels wasted. When I looked at all the moments that brought us to this point, I see three potential storylines mashed into one mess. The dating app plot that pulled me into the arc has taken a far back seat, planet hellhole isn’t even mentioned, and the Order is dismantled and arrested as quickly as they were introduced. All of these could have been interesting if they weren’t forced together as they were.

The only positive that truly stands out is a sweet moment between the Lanterns in the epilogue. Simon essentially says that he’s proud of how far Jessica has come and she admits her appreciation. While it does tease the whole idea of them being a couple, it’s still a genuinely sweet scene.

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As I mentioned before, this issue is one giant battle, which can be boring. Thankfully the art team’s skills made it look amazing to keep me hooked. V. Kenneth Marion is on pencils once again and he knocks it clean out of the park. The characters look fantastic, some even downright scary, but the highlight is definitely the powers. They are creatively illustrated, especially Jessica’s light construct for disabling the machines. Dinei Ribeiro is on coloring duty and he does a fantastic job. The colors masterfully helps the illustrations stick out, as well as give the readers the emotional tone of each scene. If there is any good that keeps this story from fading entirely into obscurity, it’s the fantastic art team.

Simon of the Green Lanterns


While the art tries to save this story, it isn’t enough. The ending felt cobbled together as the past plot points were left behind. There was so much potential in the blocks of the story, it’s a shame they didn’t pan out. If you’re a fan of V. Kenneth Marion, while he has drawn something great here, you might want to find a better comic to see his skill.

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