Gotham Villain Casting Additions Coming In Season 2, Find Out Who

Gotham, unlike its many DC Comics TV counterparts, has been relatively silent about its upcoming season 2. Monkey’s Fighting Robots caught up with Gotham star David Mazouz, who plays Bruce Wayne aka young Batman, in the success FOX Batman prequel series. Mazouz stated that Gotham season 2 will focus more on Bruce Wayne’s duality, as is a major plot point in the DC Comics Batman. Comicbook reports that the Batman villain Tigress will be clawing her way into Gotham in season 2.

Obviously, like every other villain except the Penguin, she will not likely immediately be her full-out self. Jessica Lucas, star of Edgemont, 2030 CE, Friends with Benefits, and CW’s Melrose Place, will play Gotham’s season 2 feline. For those keeping record, this will be Gotham’s second cat oriented future villain. Lucas’s description as Tabitha Galavan aka Tigress on Gotham season 2 will be as follows.

“an enforcer for Galavan’s brother Theo, an evil industrialist with plans to completely control Gotham. And while Theo will be one cold calculator, Tabitha will embrace her alter-ego’s namesake by seeking sensual satisfaction in her crime.”

Gotham’s Tigress is apparently described as “sexy” and “violent”, and carries a “bullwhip”. This might strike some Batman and Gotham fans as odd, as the other feline villain-to-be carries the same weapon. This might cause some to want to start re-theorizing, as Gotham fans did with the Joker, but it is safe to say that Catwoman is already well established at this point.

According to Cineblend, Gotham season 2 will also feature Mr. Freeze, and unsurprisingly more on the Joker’s backstory.

So, what is everyone most excited about in season 2?

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[Image Via Creative Commons/FOX]

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