Monkeys Fighting Robots

Back in 2012, creators Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson brought us a four-issue miniseries via Image Comics called, “Happy!”. It’s now a collected version and includes 10 bonus pages of story.

Little did we know that, five years later, it would become a television show on SyFy! This comic series, though short, was fantastic! It tells the story of Nick Sax, a corrupt and always intoxicated ex-police officer, turned hitman. He lives in a world where murder is casual, sex is meaningless and betrayal is a common theme. One day, a hit goes wrong and he has both the mob and police on his trail, including a child killer in a Santa suit. It’s up to him and his little tiny blue unicorn friend named ‘Happy’, which only he can see, to fix everything and get out of this bind.

Check out the trailer below. The show will be just as ridiculous, weird, exciting, demented, gory and for some reason, strangely cute, all at the same time, just as the graphic novel is. Christopher Meloni will lead the show as Sax, while Happy will be voiced by Patton Oswalt. Click HERE for the complete cast list.


‘Happy!’ is set to premiere on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, at 10pm (ET) on SyFy.

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