Geoff Johns Wants To Bring Simon Baz To The DC Cinematic Universe

Back in May it was announced that DC’s chief content officer, Geoff Johns would co-run DC Films with Jon Berg. Also in May, Johns relaunched DC Comics with ‘Rebirth.’ In addition, Johns co-wrote ‘Green Lanterns: Rebirth’ with Sam Humphries, which focused on rookie Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz.

Monkeys Fighting Robots spoke with Humphries and asked him if he talked with Johns about Simon or Jessica appearing in the DC Cinematic Universe. Humphries replied with a “no comment.” That’s an interesting answer. If Humphries just said no the conversation would be over. But since the writer of ‘Green Lanterns’ said: “no comment” you know that Johns and Humphries talked about something and Johns has a personal attachment to the Green Lantern he created.

simon baz

‘Green Lantern Corps’ is in development and doesn’t hit theaters until July 24, 2020. So every possibility is still on the table. There are seven Green Lanterns from Earth, and it looks like this film will be more than just a Hal Jordan show.

Green Lanterns from Earth:
Alan Scott
Hal Jordan
Guy Gardner
John Stewart
Kyle Rayner
Simon Baz
Jessica Cruz

In today’s pop culture landscape, Simon Baz has the most compelling story to tell. Baz is a Lebanese-American Muslim from Dearborn, Michigan who was bullied and persecuted because of his ethnicity. This is a story, if told well could separate the DC Cinematic Universe from the cookie-cutter Disney-Marvel Universe (They’re really good cookies, but still cookie-cutter). Johns, who is half-Lebanese, and a native of Detroit, Michigan created Baz from personal influences.

A team of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Simon Baz is a diverse formidable lineup rich with storytelling potential.

What Green Lanterns do you want to see in ‘Green Lantern Corps’ film?

Listen to the complete Sam Humphries interview below:

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