Geekflix – Top ‘Netflix’ Picks For October 2017

September is almost over, and it’s time to look at what’s coming to Netflix. Next month is filled with a lot of different movies and shows which are necessary viewing for geeks of all ages. Time to look through what’s coming in the month of Halloween.

Tommy Boy (October 1st)

Tommy Boy

To think there are some out there who have never known the joy of watching Chris Farley’s comedy antics. Rectify this situation by checking out the film which is still quotable and hilarious even today. If you don’t find something funny, come back, and you’ll get a full refund.

Cult of Chucky (October 3rd)

Cult of Chucky

Just when you got over the childhood trauma this character brought, Chucky is back. Seriously this thing scared the crap out of any child who grew up in the late 80s and early 90s. Now he’s back, and it looks like he’s not alone in his murderous rampage. Some people are not going to be able to sleep after watching this one.

Donnie Darko (October 11th)

Donnie Darko

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Have you ever had an imaginary friend tell you the world was going to come to an end? This is what Donnie Darko has to deal with in a film which will leave you wondering the entire time what is going to happen. It’s the perfect thing to get you in the mood to celebrate Halloween.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (October 13th)

Ricky Bobby

Need some more comedy? Look no further than this film where Will Ferrell plays a man named Ricky Bobby who is at the top of his game but loses it all. Watch as Ricky Bobby must conquer his fears and get back to doing what he’s best at: going really fast.

Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season Four (October 13th)


The new shorter seasons are working! More Voltron is coming to Netflix. By the look of the trailer, the Paladins are going to work on uniting the galaxy. Unfortunately, Prince Lotor is not going to make things easy for them. Look forward to a full review of the season before you know it.

She Makes Comics (October 15th)

She Makes Comics

A documentary about the importance of women working in comics. This is one of those subjects you don’t realize is so important until someone takes the time to shed light on it. Women are part of the comic book industry, and this film gives them the credit they rightfully deserve.

Meet the Robinsons (October 23rd)

Meet the robinsons

A movie which doesn’t get enough recognition for how entertaining it is. This underappreciated Disney film involves time travel, talking frogs, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex lamenting about how he has a big head and tiny little arms. It also features a performance by the late great Adam West, and you know his appearance will add to the entertainment of the film.

The Mist (October 24th)

Before it was a TV series it a was a novel. Between those times a movie came out. This film from 2007 showed how dangerous it was to go out on a foggy day. Watch as a group of survivors barricade themselves in a grocery store and do everything they can to stay alive from mysterious creatures who want to tear them apart.

The Hateful Eight (October 25th)


In need of something intense? Then it’s time to call in Quentin Tarantino. This time around he puts some gunslingers in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with a rewards to be claimed and blood to be spilled. It’s a nail-biting ride you don’t want to miss.

Strange Things: Season 2 (October 27th)

The series which took every was one by surprise is back for a second season. Set a year after the first season, the gang has to adjust to life after all the crazy events they dealt with in season one. Of course, given what happened in the first season, normal can last only so long.

What titles are you looking forward watching on Netflix in October? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
Anthony is a geek through and through who still looks forward to new releases, sneak peeks, Giant Monsters, and robots of all shapes and sizes. He loves animation of all shapes and sizes. He has a distinct apprehension for trolling and clips shows. His books, The Handbook for Surviving A Giant Monster Attack and Santa Claus Conquers Manos: The Hands of Fate are available on Amazon.