‘Game of Thrones’ becomes scripted show with highest win tally in Emmy history

During last night’s award ceremony, a 12 year old record was broken. Following their 12 wins, Game of Thrones increased their total number of Emmys to 38, passing Frasier to become the scripted show with the highest win tally. Through 11 seasons, the popular sitcom earned 37 competitive wins, including Outstanding Comedy Series five years in a row.

While the landmark fantasy epic claimed the throne for most wins for a scripted show, the sketch juggernaut Saturday Night Live remains the highest winning show of all time with a whopping 45 wins. Considering the HBO drama has pulled in 12 wins two years in a row it is possible they’ll overtake that tally as well before going off the air after its eight season.

With only six seasons to its name, Game of Thrones has reached the top of the award circuit faster than any other show in history. SNL has spent over four decades to accumulate their tally of 45, Frasier spent 11 years to get to 37, The Mary Tyler Moore Show spent seven years to earn 29 awards, Cheers earned 28 wins in 11 years, and The West Wing got to 27 wins in their seven years on the air.

It will be interesting to see if Game of Thrones can beat SNL to become the first show to win 50 Emmys, or if the legendary staple of late night comedy will inch over the finish line first.

Kris Solberg
Kris Solberg
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