Frank Miller Interview: Does ‘The Dark Knight III’ Author Hate Superman?

The release of The Dark Knight III has created quite the buzz in the comics universe, and it also signaled the return of Frank Miller. Miller is back for his third standalone Batman graphic novel (we have a fresh review on book one here) and in a recent interview claimed to hate Superman.

In the interview with DC Comics All Access, Miller admits to hating the Man of Steel, of course with a little tongue-in-cheek fun:

Of course, who wouldn’t hate someone who could fly, someone who is just loved by everyone, was the handsomest guy who could get all the dates. Of course I went for the underdog who had a nasty streak to him and played a much nastier game than Superman.

Here is the full interview:

Clearly Frank Miller is having a little fun, but I still it’s clear he isn’t the biggest Supes fan regardless.

Book one of The Dark Knight III: The Master Race is available now.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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