Run For Your Life With New Foo Fighters Music Video

Over the course of 22 years and eight studio albums, the Foo Fighters have proven two things. One, they make some incredible music that’s earned them four Grammy awards for Best Rock Album and a butt-load of money. Two, they have an off-kilter sense of humor that is bizarre to some and absurdist comedy gold to others.

“Wake up. Run for your life with me.” – Foo Fighters, “Run”

Earlier today the Foo Fighters released a new video (scroll down to watch!) that represents these two things perfectly. The song is called “Run” and features the modern grunge sound that Dave Grohl and his cast of bandmates have refined over two decades. The video does what a video should do and elevates the lyrics and music. It also entertains, even if that entertainment seems completely insane.

In the Grohl-directed video, we start on an old man in a retirement home. A nurse played Missi Pyle comes in to deliver the nightly regiment of pills. She leaves, but not after snapping her fingers to affirm to the old man and the audience that this is not a happy place. The old man crushes the little plastic cup and ditches the drugs. He then heads out to sit with his fellow retirees who are about to watch an old Foo Fighters play.

Melancholy strums of the guitar start off the song. It gives the impression of waking up from a dream. There is a chorus filling the space between guitars and lyrics which has Grohl singing: “Wake up. Run for your life with me.” But is he singing to the old people or someone else, like society itself?

Don’t lose yourself in a constant haze of distraction.
That’s what being old is for.

As typical of the Foo Fighters, the lyrics to “Run” are poetry left to be interpreted by the listener. But “Run” and the absurd chaos that erupts in the video seem to be a microcosm for the chaos of modern-day America. And “wake up” is a call to everyone with the strength to do so to get up and fight against the disorder. “We are the nation’s stake. If everything’s erased, what you gonna do?”

At the end of the video, the rampaging old people assault four young “cool kids” who are busy sitting in a car while on their phones. As the old man, in the beginning, was taking his pills which effectively erase his will, these kids are wrapped up in their lifestyles. There’s no will while good is being erased. “In another perfect life, in another perfect light, we run. We run. We run. RUN!” Move. Act. Don’t lose yourself in a constant haze of distraction. That’s what being old is for. Though you should do it all after watching veteran rockers, the Foo Fighters deliver some hard-hitting rock and roll.

Ruben Diaz
Ruben Diaz
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