A lot of great moments and more of Christa being hailed as the greatest character ever.
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Flashbacks And Revelations On ‘Attack On Titan’

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After last week’s shocking cliffhanger, Attack on Titan episode 30 begins by giving us something which has never been shown in the series before: Snow. Yes, a flashback to basic training shows snow for the first time in this world. Think about it, there has never been a snow covered titan ever. Of course there isn’t one here either so don’t get your hopes up.

How many times is the show going to beat us over the head with the idea Christa is the perfect person and all others in this series, Nay the world are ants compared to her greatness? We get it people! She’s an awesome character. Most of the episode showcases on her and Ymir’s relationship and the how and why Ymir has always been there for her. Frankly the more you look into it, Ymir’s behavior sways between tough love and just being a jerk to Christa. Yeah, she’s willing to finally step up and stop being such a terrible person when the chips are down but really what about all the other times in their relationship? Better to have a friends around who are nice to you all the time instead of only when you are in a life or death situation.

This episode draws to a close with a great moment as the cavalry finally arrives to save their friends. A surprising realization also comes in the form of Aaron announcing his first kill. Once you take a moment and realize it, outside of when he is a Titan this is the first actual kill he has had the entire series. Man Mikasa really is the only thing keeping him alive most of the time isn’t she?

Good action, great drama, and a some nice bits of character development. This episode has it all but it don’t get too comfortable just yet. Next week’s episode looks to be even more action packed.

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Anthony Wendel
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A lot of great moments and more of Christa being hailed as the greatest character ever. Flashbacks And Revelations On 'Attack On Titan'