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This issue is full of heart-warming, character-driven moments in the aftermath of the recent Flash arc.

Things have been rough for Wally West since he made his return two years ago. He has faced old foes, lost former love interests, and all the while trying to find his place again. Recently he joined his fellow Flashes in taking down Gorilla Grodd before he could destroy Central City. The heroes were victorious, but the city was ravaged. As they pick up the pieces, what will happen next for DC’s Speedster family, including Wally?

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**Some Spoilers Below**


As the city cleans up after Geoff’s attack, there are paths laid out for each Flash to follow. As Negative Flash turns herself in to be rehabilitated, Godspeed is whisked away and offered redemption for his crimes. Avery Ho, the Flash of China, offers Kid Flash to team up more often in her city. After he declines, there is a surprise guest character that gives him a new position on a team. The most intriguing stories, however, follow Barry, as he seeks to win Iris West back, and Wally, who tries to connect with his aunt again.

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This issue accomplishes two critical aspects as the series moves forward. First, it caps off every speedster introduced in the story so far in promising ways. Each of these small stories develops every character in a unique way. Whether it be a redemption arc or going off to another team book, each character has excellent development that promises an exciting future.

The second aspect is that this issue perfectly sets up the coming Flash War arc. Not in the sense of plot, but in character development. By the end of this issue, readers will connect to one of, if not both, Flashes as the story humanizes them. This issue shows why both characters are good enough to be the fastest man alive, but only one will own the title at the end of the next arc.

the flash 45 preview


As mentioned before, this story humanizes the characters well. Thanks to the masterful art team, it takes it a step further. Christian Duce’s illustrates the characters in more realistic ways than the rest of the series, which is perfect for this kind of story. The characters are written with feeling with this style of illustration matching well. Christian Guerrero is the colorist of the issue, and he seals the realistic feel with his expert work. He finds a perfect balance between having it vibrant enough to feel alive, but not enough to look cartoony. This team did a fantastic job, and I hope to see their work again soon.


This is a fantastic issue for the transition between the arcs. Every character is developed nicely, just enough to set up future stories. The art keeps this development grounded as well as giving the reader something beautiful to behold. Even if you haven’t been reading the series thus far, I still recommend giving it a look. You won’t be disappointed.

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flash-45-reviewThis issue of The Flash prepares to send The Flash Family on their journeys with intriguing character development.