Five Great DC Comics Events Perfect For The Next CW ‘Arrowverse’ Crossover

Monkeys Fighting Robots

Now that Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have all ended their respective seasons, we have nothing to do but wait and anticipate what kind of DC inspired fun the CW will bring the Arrowverse in the fall. Of course, each show will have their own stories, but as promised to us after the highly successful Invasion! crossover, we can certainly expect a yearly multi-show event bringing all our heroes together. With that in mind, I searched the multiverse of my mind (with a little help from this Monitor like thing called ‘The Internet’) and chose five great, classic DC events/crossovers the CW can bring us next. Of course, there would have to be changes and adaptations made were applicable but all of these are malleable enough they could work. Read on, enjoy, and as always comment and discuss below!
*Writers note: I purposely left Crisis on Infinite Earths off the list. That is the big daddy of them all, and honestly, could work as a great solo event miniseries (a topic for a whole other article!)


Created in the ‘90s, Bloodlines was a pretty big event (it even had a trading card set. Doesn’t get more ‘90s than that!). The concept was simple. Alien parasites invade Earth and their attacks on humans give the victims powers and abilities. The idea was to introduce new heroes and villains. That didn’t exactly work, but the core concept is still great (but we did get Garth Ennis’ and John McCrea’s Hitman out of it!). Just imagine, on the heels of the Dominator invasion from last season, another alien race makes a play for Earth. But these aliens create more Metas, giving our heroes new allies and adversaries! Hell, bring in Hitman to Arrow! Tommy Monaghan would make a great addition to that show! The parasite designs would look cool on TV, and it would lend itself to plenty of action.