Final Trailer for Batman Vs Superman – Batfleck Means Business

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice is rapidly approaching, the final trailer has dropped, and Batman is putting everyone ON NOTICE.

The biggest team up in comic fandom is about 6 weeks away and this final trailer will have people beating cinema doors down for a ringside seat. The first 40 seconds should allay any concerns people have about Affleck as Batman. The Caped Crusader dispatches a number of foes in short order with his signature ‘bust through a window with cape spread out’ move, and then laments about getting ‘slow’ in his old age. The rest of the trailer is very Bat focused with a voice over from Bruce Wayne about his concerns about Superman’s powers and how that much power is dangerous. Alfred (Jeremy Irons) voices his concern about his employer’s well-being, and also a bit more context on Wonder Woman (played by the stunning Gal Gadot).

Taking a cue from the animated ‘Justice League Unlimited’ series and some implications in DC Comics throughout the years, there appears to be an attraction between Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince that appears to be more than just ‘let’s team up and beat the bad guy’ oriented.

We also see some footage from the previous trailer, with Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) displaying his intelligence, or arrogance depending on where you are standing and Superman giving the Batmobile a sunroof.  The trailer does close with an armored Batman face to face with Superman, and a look on Superman’s face that will give many Batman fans heart palpitations.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice releases nationwide on March 25.


Mat Douglas
Mat Douglas
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