Fan Reactions To ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Illogical

Rage and hate filled comments are nothing new to the geek community. Often fans are too blind sided by a mixture of expectations and their own personal outlooks on life they are not willing to give a piece of media a chance. The most recent subject of such an attack is Star Trek: Discovery, which is once again being falsely labeled with the comments of bigotry. The series recently had its first trailer and has come under scrutiny by angry fans who are insisting the show is demonstrating white genocide because of the lack of more white prominent cast.

Further claims point to talk of forcing a pro-SJW and feminist agenda.

These claims seem almost as if they come from individuals who don’t get the point of Star Trek. The entire idea of Star Trek was to showcase a future where humanity had been able to transcend its own prejudices and work together in an effort to advance into a bright and prosperous future. If you’re not willing to understand how coming together despite our differences for the betterment of not only yourself but the needs of friends, community, and the world as whole then you probably shouldn’t be watching Star Trek. You should be taking a hard look at your life and wondering why you are unable to engage in common decency for your fellow man.

This article will be ended with a quote by Gene Roddenberry. A man who insisted upon the original Star Trek to have a diverse cast in the 1960s when such an idea was considered controversial. It would be easy to say he’d be very dismayed at seeing comments like this in this day and age.

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Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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