‘Fables’ sequel ‘EverAfter’ announced

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Last year, after 150 issues and several spins offs, the multiple Eisner award winning series Fables drew to a close. Just as fans thought they would never see any of their Fabletown friends again, Vertigo has made an announcement: The series will be getting a sequel.

EverAfter: From the pages of Fables will focus on a new story line and have a more a spy thriller aspect to it. In the events following the original comic regular humans (Mundys as they were called) become aware of existence of magic as enchantments started to break down. Now it will be up to a special team of Fables and Mundys to keep the peace in this new world. In a press release Vertigo comics revealed beloved characters such as Bo Peep, Peter Piper, Hansel, and Connor Wolf would be returning.

The creative team behind it features writers Matthew Stuges (Jack of Fables) and Dave Justus (Public Relations) who previously worked on Fables: Wolf Among Us with artist Travis Moore who will also be providing the artwork for the new book. Tula Lotay (Wicked and the Divine) will be doing the covers. The first issue is set to be released in September. Are you excited at the prospect of more Fables?

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‘Fables’ sequel ‘EverAfter’ announced 4


‘Fables’ sequel ‘EverAfter’ announced 5

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